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High-voltage IGBT Driver Family with Reinforced Galvanic Isolation for Switching Semiconductors up to 1200 V

Designing reliable, low and medium voltage electronic power systems has been made easier with the introduction of the SCALE-iDriver™ IGBT and power MOSFET gate driver from Power Integrations. The new drivers incorporate Power Integrations’ proprietary FluxLink™, a solid insulator, magneto-inductive coupling, communications technology. The FluxLink interface and eSOP package provide

Maintaining SiC MOSFET Efficiency and Protection without Compromise

The efficiency and size benefits of SiC devices have been enthusiastically embraced by designers of industrial, automotive, traction systems and photovoltaic power conversion. To provide more detail, the lower sheet resistance of wide-bandgap SiC materials (typically 1/100th that of conventional silicon) results in smaller devices for a given current capacity—valuable