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Posted by: PhilippGuehring on 11/22/2021

I am trying to repair a power supply, which contained an eSIP-7C package part that was labled with "TOP-26...", the rest of the marking was blown out unfortunately, so it could have anything from TOP-260 to TOP-263 (HX) or from TOP-264 to TOP-269 (JX). After replacing the blown part with a TOP-266EG (which was the only one I could easily find with the right package on the market), the power supply started working again, but it outputs 6.2V instead of 5V and 20.7V instead of 16V. I am afraid that this might be too high voltages and damage the device. Should I replace the TOP-266EG with a different variant from the TOP-JX or TOP-HX series? Or search for a different problem elsewhere in the circuit?


Submitted by PI-Sugomi on 11/23/2021

Hi Philipp,

The increased regulation should not damage your device, unless it exceeds the drain to source voltage of the device which will cause the device to not give any output,  the fact that yours is working means you should be good.

With regards to the regulation, TOPswitch regulation relies on the external feedback circuit which could be a shunt regulator or a zener. You might first want to check your feedback circuit if everything is still in its correct value.

Also, what is the rated output power of your power supply? So we can narrow down the possible TOPswitch part that was originally used