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Disable HiperPFS?

Posted by: treez on Wed, 05/05/2021


Can any of the Hiper PFS family be disabled?

We wish to disable it in light load, so as to reduce the overall standby power. 

How much current does it draw when disabled.

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Submitted by PI-Mallora on Thu, 05/13/2021

Hi treez,

Thank you for using Power Integrations part.

PFS3/PFS4 usually consumes between 40-50mW at no load condition.  Light load load consumption vary depending how light the load.  Disabling the PFS needs a signal from DC-DC section that toggle high-low between light load condition and >light load/high load condition.  This signal can be use to switch a MOSFET/transistor to short or open the Lpin.  When Lpin is shorted to GND it will turn-OFF PFS when in light load condition.